Child Care Center Workers UNITING!

We, the workers of La Casa de Don Pedro, Unified Vailsburg Services Organization and Leaguers Inc., stand together to win our first collective bargaining agreements.

We implore the Management and Board of Trustees/Directors of our respective organizations to bargain fairly and in good-faith with our bargaining teams and union representatives, and agree to settle an equitable and fair contract as soon as possible.  

As the teachers, teacher assistants, administrative staff, and service and maintenance staff of our respective child care centers, we strive to improve the quality of early education and child care that we provide.  And to do so, we need improved working conditions, job security, transparent communication, and sustainable pay and benefits.  This will reduce turnover, and enable us to support our own families and children while we care for and teach the young children of our communities.As we build a movement to increase funding for early childhood education at the state and federal levels, we are fighting for fairness and equity at our Centers.  We demand:

  • Raises for all of our coworkers.  These will be the first raises many have seen in 5-10 years, and are absolutely essential given skyrocketing costs of living.
  • Just cause, progressive discipline and grievance and arbitration procedures to become standard practice at our Centers.  Until a contract is settled, we also expect our employers to bargain in good-faith by ensuring that no workers are disciplined, fired or laid off without just cause, and that there is no retaliation against any of our coworkers for protected union activity.
  • Improved training procedures, health and safety protections and other proposals that would raise the standards of early education at our facilities.

A year is too long to wait for a first contract.  Without a settlement, we will be forced to exercise our rights as union members and to take greater collective concerted activity to encourage a just resolution.   No justice, no peace!




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