Resolve to Save Curt & Teresa's Home!

We are Curt & Teresa and IndyMac is threatening to take our home away from us.

We were served with our foreclosure summons just days after Hurricane Sandy ravaged communities throughout New Jersey.  We know all too well what it is like to live with the fear of losing one’s home and neighborhood.  We were fortunate that Hurricane Sandy didn’t wash away our home, but our mortgage holder - IndyMac - is threatening to do just that.

Make a New Year’s resolution to protect our home…and the more than 100,000 other New Jersey homeowners facing foreclosure in 2013!

Curt & Teresa

Dear IndyMac/One West,

Banks like yours must step up to help end the foreclosure crisis. After all, banks were responsible for creating the housing bubble by underwriting inflated home values and forcing families into balloon mortgages that you knew they would not be able to afford in the long term.

New Jersey has been hit hard by the foreclosure crisis and banks like IndyMac have a responsibility to the families and communities that have been devastated and destabilized by irresponsible lending practices. Your policy of refusing principal write-downs for hard-working families like Curt & Teresa who are in economic crisis is unfair and must change.

You have the power and authority to change your policy and work with families like Curt & Teresa to provide principal write-downs!

I stand with Curt & Teresa and the more than 100,000 New Jersey homeowners who will face foreclosure in 2013 and demand that you adopt a more fair foreclosure policy!



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