Demand a Democratic Party that Supports #OurCommunities

Website_Graphic_(1).pngThe Trump administration is driven by the ideology of profit, that comes at the expense of working class communities. And he’s not alone. In NJ there is a profit-driven network of Trump collaborators focused on concentrating power and wealth in their hands, through shared business interests with Trump. While communities are paid lip service, behind the scenes deals are brokered to generate more profit for the corporate class, while working class families suffer under austerity policies that are eroding our social safety nets.

The members of NJ Communities United are mobilizing to unmask the hypocrisy of “corporate democrats” and their support for and alignment with the policies of the Trump Administration. By endorsing a Democratic Party Agenda that supports #OurCommunities, you will join a growing movement determined to unmask the influence of “corporate democrats” and call out their hypocrisy.

Currently, there are two parties serving one class, but we are fighting to create a Democratic Party that embraces the platform and agendas of working class families, communities of color and immigrant communities.


 It is not enough to protest Trump or Republicans; we must also #resist the corporate collaborators in the Democratic Party.



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