Hey Christie - Talk is Cheap!


Dear Governor Christie,

People are finally connecting the dots. You’ve been sitting on a pile of $300 million dollars in Federal Funds meant to save New Jersey families from foreclosure. Instead of using that money to salvage the hopes and dreams of thousands of families, you let New Jersey assume the second highest rate of home foreclosures in the country!

My neighbors and people like Curt & Teresa Stevens-Hamilton have either lost their homes or are on the verge of foreclosure and even worse, homelessness.

Curt is a construction worker and Teresa is a licensed nurse practitioner. They both lost their jobs during the 2008 economic crash. The economic downturn hit them hard and now they could lose their house any day. Despite a lifetime of hard work and numerous recorded attempts to save their home, the Stevens-Hamilton’s and their two children are faced with life on the streets. 

As the Governor you have the power to save Curt & Teresa and many of my neighbors from this crisis. With the stroke of a pen you can release funds and save our homes and our communities from this crisis.

Please act today!

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