Thank You for Fighting to Save Camden High School!

SAVE_CAMDEN_HIGH_SCHOOL!.jpgThank you for signing NJ Communities United's petition to SAVE CAMDEN HIGH SCHOOL! You are now part of a growing movement in Camden to take back local democratic control over OUR SCHOOLS!

The decision to tear down Camden High School was made by bureaucrats in Trenton who don't understand or want to know the needs of Camden residents, our vision for our communities or our history. They believe that paving the way for privately-run charters is the solution to our children's educational needs.

In fact, Governor Christie has used state-control over our public schools to pave the way for a corporate takeover of our children's education. While Governor Christie systematically under-funds our public schools, his hand-picked Superintendent, Paymon Rouhanifard, has paved the way for corporate Renaissance schools to use our limited public resources without any accountability to the residents of Camden.

And now, without any input from parents, students, teachers, alumni or community leaders in Camden, they have made the decision to destroy one of our most valuable and historical community landmarks – Camden High School.

By signing the petition to Save Camden High School, you have joined a growing movement of Camden residents fighting to restore our democracy, fighting to take back control of our public schools, and fighting against the corporate takeover of our City!

If you want to stay plugged into this fight, contact us at and follow NJ Communities United on Facebook!

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