On October 4th, 2016, the New Jersey School Development Authority voted to demolish and rebuild Camden High School, the Castle on the Hill. The decision was made without input from parents, teachers, students, alumni or the broader Camden community!

This plan, the latest of numerous proposals in recent years, will cost $133 million. The current plans do not include saving any part of the historic school, from the beautiful student murals to the iconic Castle entrance which has stood as a symbol of Camden since 1916.

In 2002 we were promised that Lanning Square School, which was given $42.4 million for reconstruction, would remain a traditional district public school. But what stands in its place is the KIPP Cooper Norcross Academy—a corporate takeover Renaissance school, which benefits from public money but is privately run and unaccountable to the Camden community.


  • That Camden High School be saved!
  • That the iconic Castle, which to so many students represents hope and achievement, be preserved.
  • That Camden High Schools remains a public school, and will not be taken over by KIPP, Uncommon, Mastery or any other corporate charter or Renaissance school.
  • That the needs of our students come first, and that all technical and college-prep curricula remain intact under a public school banner.
  • That the Camden community—residents, parents, students, educators, alumni—is given control and authority over the planning and decision-making processes related to Camden High School.
  • That all construction and renovation projects employ Camden residents to support the local economy.
  • That Camden High School remains a beacon of public, democratic, academic, and community success!

Will you sign?