Chris Christie has held over 120 public town hall events in cities across New Jersey. He has travelled the country stumping or the Republican Governor’s Association and promoting his own presidential aspirations.

chris_christie.jpgJoin NJ Communities United, the Newark Students Union, the Newark Parents Union and NJ Working Families to demand Chris Christie schedule and attend a public town hall forum in Newark!

Unfortunately, his busy travel schedule has not yet included his home town of Newark, the largest city in New Jersey and a city whose residents are struggling with urgent social and economic issues. Consider the following facts:

-          Chris Christie re-appointed Cami Anderson as the superintendent of Newark Public Schools despite the broad and deep opposition to her leadership. Both the Newark Board of Education and the Newark City Council have passed votes of no confidence in Cami’s leadership.

-          Chris Christie has refused to follow the state mandated funding formula for public schools, denying millions of dollars to educating Newark’s next generation.

-          Chris Christie diverted funds meant for Sandy victims who live in the Ironbound neighborhood of Newark to his political supporters. To this day, families continue to struggle with the aftermath of the storm.

-          Chris Christie diverted $75 million in bank settlement money meant for struggling homeowners to fund a tax break for the wealthiest New Jerseyans, leaving many Newark families in danger of losing their homes to foreclosure.

Stand with the residents of Newark! Tell Chris Christie to come to Newark and engage directly with Newark residents about these important issues!

**The petition is sponsored by New Jersey Communities United and New Jersey Working Families. By signing this petition you will receive updates and opportunities for activism from NJWF and NJCU.

NJ Communities United & Newark Students Union Endorse Ras Baraka as Next Mayor of Newark

Hand_and_Fist6.jpg"Ras shares a history of political struggle with us," said NJ Communities United executive director Trina Scordo. "NJ Communities United inherited this struggle from those who built the labor movement, the civil rights movement, the peace movement, women’s liberation, GLBTQIA liberation, black liberation and the immigrant justice movement. Any victories we have had, from social safety nets to voting rights, were won by workers fighting in the streets, questioning corporate power, standing side-by-side with the unemployed; standing with communities who were losing their homes and farmers losing their land; with mothers who needed support to provide food for their children; it was the working class demanding a safety net and we fought for years to get that win. The right wing and corporate democrats have been attacking those wins for 40 years…we will not rebuild our wins in a year or in one term. But we have begun the process of taking back our power, demanding our rights, our democracy and reclaiming our dignity."

 Child Care Providers Ratify New Contract


“We worked incredibly hard to make this new contract a reality,” said Shanita Hargrove a child care provider in Newark, NJ. “We knocked on doors in counties across the state. We engaged the working parents we provide services for. We circulated a petition of support that generated more than 500 signatures. We packed buses filled with supporters to attend rallies in Trenton. We built a real movement. But this is just the beginning of what we can accomplish together moving forward.”

CWA Local 1037 partnered with NJ Communities United to work with child care providers to increase the grassroots organizing work needed to negotiate a strong second contract.

“This is a victory for child care providers and it’s a victory for working families who struggle to afford quality child care,” said Trina Scordo, executive director of NJ Communities United. “We engaged working class communities on this issue and built a movement of people dedicated to quality child care and early childhood education. The positive long-term impacts for providers and working families are beyond measure.”

Another Grandma Battles Another Greedy Bank

Hand_and_Fist4.jpgIn 2010, Lavinia Curry & Paulette McQueen missed ONE mortgage payment. The very next month Paulette attempted to hand deliver the missed payment and the current month’s payment. Wells Fargo refused to accept ANY money and the foreclosure mill began. By 2013, their home was up for a Sheriff’s sale.

Just a few months ago Grandma Lavinia & Paulette were featured in news articles across the country as they stood alongside Irvington, NJ Mayor Wayne Smith to announce plans to seize underwater mortgages from banks and renegotiate fair terms for struggling homeowners so they could stay in their homes and in their community.

Wells Fargo saw the news and immediately reached out and agreed to stop the sheriff’s sale in order to negotiate a mortgage that would keep Grandma Lavinia & Paulette in their home. We need your help to keep these amazing grandmothers in their home and let Wells Fargo know that any deal they offer must be a fair market value mortgage with a low fixed interest rate!

Please take a moment to show your support for Grandma Lavinia – tell Wells Fargo to negotiate a fair market value mortgage with a low fixed interest rate for Grandma Lavinia!


Tell Cami Anderson, "Stop the One Newark Plan!"

Hand_and_Fist5.jpgCami’s plans to close, privatize or otherwise re-purpose our public schools into profit-making ventures while trying to silence dissent is bullying at its worst. This is what a Christie-controlled school district does when the residents of Newark are denied a democratic voice in our own public school system.

Together we can take back control of our schools – click here and send Cami Anderson an email now!

Ultimately, this fight is about taking our democracy back and fighting for local control of our public schools. Under our own control, public schools will be protected from profit-making schemes, educators will speak their minds without fear of retribution and the community will ALWAYS have a democratic place at the table. But power concedes nothing without a fight – so let’s join together and fight!



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