CONGRATULATIONS to our sisters and brothers at La Casa de Don Pedro who ratified their first union contract as members of CWA Local 1037 - UNANIMOUSLY! Despite management stalling negotiations for more than three years, the workers held fast to their mission and successfully negotiated a contract that provides job protections, wage increases, and a decision making role in the quality of care and learning conditions for children in Newark's North Ward! NJCU is proud to be the community organizing partner of CWA Local 1037!



Recently, NJCU members living in Asbury Park approached us about supporting a ballot initiative which would change the structure of the City Council to a Ward-based system. Opposition to this initiative have waged a public attack against the initiative citing concerns over the chaos it would create at City Hall and personally attacking the motives of the NJCU members who independently led this effort. What they are choosing to ignore is the reason why so many residents in Asbury Park signed the petition to have this issue put on the ballot – the redevelopment of working-class communities by out-of-town developers and the indifference at City Hall about the displacement of Black and Brown families from the place they call home.

Read more about the efforts in Asbury Park, and NJCU's statewide movement of working-class families fighting for housing justice at


Feature: NJCU's Student Organizing Committee!

The student leaders and members of NJCU are on a mission to defend our public schools! In Newark, the Student Organizing Committee is fighting to ensure that the transition to local control includes community oversight and participation, despite efforts by corporate interests to hi-jack the process. In a bold demonstration of power, Newark's students recently organized community support to disrupt a school board candidates forum hosted by a charter-school interest group to ensure that community control was front and center. Watch as Ibrahim - backed by student, parent, and community members of NJCU - reads the students' demands to a supportive crowd of concerned residents. 
NJCU's student leaders in Camden are also fighting the good fight! These incredible young leaders are organizing and actively growing their base of fearless students to amplify the community's demands that the state appointed superintendent of Camden Pubic Schools - Paymon Rouhanifard - resign or be removed from his position. At a recent student-led action that included support from NJCU's parents, they brought their demands directly to Paymon and disrupted business as usual at the school's administrative offices. In addition to his resignation, the students are demanding the return of local control and a moratorium on charter and Renaissance school expansion. 
Camden and Newark students aren't fighting alone. In fact, they are working in solidarity with each other to support their local campaign demands, while also coordinating on a statewide strategy targeting the charter school industry and the political operatives in Trenton who are aiding the corporate attack on our public schools. In February, students from Newark and Camden met just outside of Trenton to lead a civil disobedience and take over of the NJ Charter School Association's offices. Watch as Belmaris delivers a powerful statement about the consequences of funnelling public funds into privately operated charter schools. 


 OURCOMMUNITIES_SQUARE.pngThe members of NJ Communities United are mobilizing to unmask the hypocrisy of “corporate democrats” and their support for and alignment with the policies of the Trump Administration. By endorsing a Democratic Party Agenda that supports #OurCommunities, you will join a growing movement determined to unmask the influence of “corporate democrats” and call out their hypocrisy.

 It is not enough to protest Trump or Republicans; we must also #resist the corporate collaborators in the Democratic Party.






Tell_Ray_Ocasio.jpgFor 45 years, the workers at La Casa have been an invaluable resource for the Newark community. Ultimately, the working conditions of child care workers and early educators are also the learning conditions for the children.  That is why NJCU is fighting to raise standards across the board: to advocate for our communities and to ensure that our students receive the quality of education and care that they deserve - and why we support the workers at La Casa negotiating their first union contract.While much progress has been made by child care workers at the negotiation table, La Casa is now refusing to consider wage increases that recognize the value, hard work and dedication of the workers who serve our communities and care for our children. This has essentially brought contract negotiations to a standstill - along with the implementation of proposals that will benefit the children in La Casa's classrooms.

Please stand in solidarity with the workers at La Casa and TELL RAY OCASIO: "DO THE RIGHT THING!"

Newark Students Disrupt School Board Candidates Debate Hosted by Charter School Industry

Long-simmering tensions over the rapid expansion of charter schools in the City of Newark took a militant turn at a school board candidate forum hosted by the Newark Trust for Education on April 5th. The student members of NJ Communities United disrupted the forum to demand that candidates running for the Newark Public Schools Board of Education support two student demands: to enact a moratorium on charter school expansion in the city and to end the controversial One Newark Universal Enrollment program which prioritizes charter school assignments over public school assignments.

Seven of the candidates running for seats on the school board immediately signed their names onto the student demands, including Patricia Bradford, Denise Cole, Josephine Garcia, Jameel Ibrahim, Sheila Montegue, Philip Seelinger, and Charles Love.

“The difference between public schools and charter schools is not that charter schools choose who they let in, they choose who they kick out, so charter schools claim to have a higher percentage of students who perform well,” Bradley, also a student at Science Park High School. “The charter schools kick out kids whose problems are too big. We should not be diverting our money to them, we should be putting that money into actually helping students who want and need a good education.”

Read the full press release from NJ Communities United here.


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