For 45 years, we - the workers at La Casa - have been an invaluable resource for our community. Ultimately, we know that our working conditions as child care workers and early educators are also the learning conditions for the children in our care.  That is why we are doing all we can to raise standards across the board: to advocate for our communities and to ensure that our students receive the quality of education and care that they deserve. When we formed our union and voted by an overwhelming majority to join CWA Local 1037, we were excited to begin negotiating our first contract.

We believe that our working conditions are the learning conditions for the children in our care. While we would work to improve our working conditions, we would also work to improve the education and care our children deserve.

While we made important progress on a number of issues, La Casa is now refusing to consider wage increases that recognize the value of our hard work and dedication. This has essentially brought contract negotiations to a standstill - along with the implementation of proposals that will benefit the children in our classrooms.

Please join our efforts and TELL RAY OCASIO: "DO THE RIGHT THING!"

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