New Jersey Communities United (NJCU) is a membership-based grassroots community organization that builds power for low-income, working-class communities, communities of color in New Jersey. 

We work to amplify the voices of historically marginalized communities that have been stripped of decision-making authority over schools, child care services, health care access, economic development, and housing in the communities where they live.

NJCU facilitates member-driven campaigns through community organizing, committee building and leadership development. We provide the technical support necessary to create sustainable campaigns that hold both public and private institutions accountable to our communities.

If you believe that communities have the power to affect transformative change through collective action, then support the work of NJ Communities United! By becoming a member or by donating, you are building a powerful movement of low-income and working-class communities working to achieve justice for our communities.


Trina Scordo, MSW, Executive Director

Paul Karr, Communications Director

Paul Pryse, Lead Organizer

Lucia Manzano, Community Organizer


Shanita Hargrove, NJCU Member, In Home Childcare Provider, CWA Local 1037 Vice-President

Sharon Krengel, Policy & Outreach Director, Education Law Center

Carmen Martino, Professor, Rutgers University Labor Education Center

Ken McNamara, President, CWA 1037

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You can follow us and stay up to date on all of our work by visiting our Facebook page at or @NJCommunitiesUnited

Contact Us

Email us at [email protected] or call (609) 310-1033. You can also mail us at NJ Communities United, PO Box 200201, Newark, NJ 07102.