A lot of people are struggling to find food...

Meet Jason Lamberti. Jason and his family are recovering from COVID-19. At 16 years old, Jason recognizes the connection between the COVID-19 pandemic and the issue of food justice in Camden.

Many families in Camden struggled with access to fresh food and groceries before the pandemic. With the onset of COVID-19, access to fresh healthy food has hit a crisis point, and as Jason highlights, food banks and pantries are a fact of life in Camden.

“A lot of people are struggling to find meals…people were struggling to find meals before.”


Marginalized communities struggle during normal times, and crises like the COVID-19 pandemic push every family to the limits. #OurCommunities need sustainable affordable access to fresh food and groceries all year – not just during the pandemic. The connection between fresh food and health is one of the reasons COVID-19 has impacted Black and Latino working-class communities so hard. Relying on social services and charity is not a permanent solution. #OurCommunities want to be decision makers in land use, planning, and zoning to make sure that food justice is a guiding principle as we rebuild and re-open our cities.

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