Childcare Workers Speak Out!



On September 9th, In Home Childcare Providers and Childcare Center Workers hosted the Childcare Worker Speak Out, the first WECAN broadcast live from Facebook, to discuss the health & safety issues in the childcare industry during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has made workplace health & safety issues a matter of life & death for childcare industry workers. While childcare workers are considered essential workers, this low-wage workforce of primarily Black women, Latinas, and women of color, continue to be overlooked, undervalued, and marginalized. This power dynamic has resulted in a slew of new health & safety protocols and regulations developed without the insight and expertise of these front-line workers and placed the burden of the costs of stricter health & safety rules squarely on the shoulders of childcare workers.

Watch now to learn what's happening in the childcare industry and how workers are leading the fight to protect their health and the health of the children in their care.